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www.cdabo.org, TheCollege@aaortho.org
Click here for the donation card to make a donation to the College’s Foundation.

In 1995 the CDABO Council recommended to the membership formation of a foundation for the College. The members at the July 1995 session approved the recommendation.

The College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service to be a 501 (c)(3) organization. Donations to the CDABO Foundation are tax deductible. The CDABOF Board meets twice annually and is the managing body of the  Foundation.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the CDABO Foundation, please click the button below.

The Foundation officers are:
Dr. Ken Hrechka, President, 301-839-2500, kkhrechka@msn.com
Dr. Paul Miller, President-Elect, 217-224-8002, drpemiller@me.com
Dr. Terry Sobler, Secretary/Treasurer, 845-634-3560, tjsobler@gmail.comt
Dr. Kimsey K. Anderson, Immediate - President, 505-884-5610, dranderson@abqortho.com
Mr. Scott M. Cant, Executive Director, 314-292-6583, scant@aaortho.org

Dr. Robert B. Moss, Jr., Trustee, 229-432-2103, wireyguy@bellsouth.net
Dr. Michael B. Guess, Trustee, 916-933-0123, mbguess@aol.com
Dr. Rodney D Hyduk, Trustee, 248-879-6200 (6202), obh52@aol.com
Dr. John W. M. Carter, Trustee, 913-451-1443, jcretrac@gmail.com
Mr. Randy Benz, At Large Consultant, rtbenz@americanortho.com
Mr. David Allesee, At Large Consultant, 262-886-1050, david.allesee@sybrondental.com

The Foundation has a number of projects that publicize the CDABO and supports some of the activities of the CDABO. Donations can be made to honor the memory of friends and family that are deceased.

Donations that serve as a memorial will be acknowledged by the CDABOF office with a letter to the survivors if a name/address is provided.

For information regarding the purposes and activities of the CDABO Foundation, please contact CDABOF (888-217-2988) or any of the Officers or cadre (listed above) of the CDABO Foundation. Various levels of donations are identified with the goal to have donors obtain the highest level: "A Step Beyond".


  • Fund educational programs to inform the public and the dental profession on the benefits of ABO Certification.
  • Fund research for orthodontists that can be presented and debated during the Scientific Sessions of the CDABO by its members.
  • Fund Continuing Education programs that are unique and not currently available that will be limited to ABO Certified orthodontists.
  • Provide financial support for programs and initiatives implemented by the CDABO.
  • Underwrite publication expenses of articles related to the CDABO and/or the CDABO Foundation that are published in the AJO/DO.
  • Help fund the CDABO Web site.
  • Help fund research projects with the AAOF when CDABOF funds are available.
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